Mushi Tori Neko (虫に捕まった猫, meaning, cat caught by a bug)


Artwork example

Mosh Suzuki

Venture capitalist, entrepreneur and tech lover nesting in Silicon Valley

Managing Welcoming Cats NFT project programming, web site creation, NFT minting and taking care of a cat “Star” which is non-fungible to our family

Working on cat web3/metaverse/NFT project named “Catverse” and “Metacats” which creates meticulously accurate and “decoratable” 3D cats by scanning real cats that can live in metaverse for good and whose offsprings can be shared in a form of NFT

Mushi Tori Neko and Mosh worked closely together for exchanging concepts and ideas, discussing parts, patterns and layers, and spend many hours creating illustrations and programs.

But eventually, our work bore fruits with our deep affection for art and cats.