Welcoming Cats, which also is called “beckoning cat” in English and originally “Maneki Neko” (招き猫) is a traditional and common Japanese figure that is often believed to bring good luck and fortune to the owner.

In modern times, they are usually made of ceramic or plastic, but in 2022 when “web3” is starting to replace existing Internet, they are gaining resurgence in the form of non-fungeble token, NFT.

But meow a minute, why the hell do we want to have NFTs anyway?

You’ve got to be kitten me – everybody is chasing after fur-tune. As we are going through hiss-terical inflation (at least in the US), we need to claw-fully purr-tect ourself with financial claws and “feline good”.

Makeki Neko raising RIGHT HAND is said to bring fortune. There will be ones moving the right hands moving back and forth soon.

And the creator of this site and NFTs, Mosh Suzuki, really wanted to convey this long-lasting and cheerful culture of Japan in this uneasy time of COVID-19. We also have a saying “Around the corner where you smile, you beckon luck”

Please enjoy watching and collecting Welcoming Cats NFTs and let’s keep on having fur-nancially paw-active cat-titude and stay paw-sitive in the era of metaverse/web3!

Best Wishes,